Hi there! My name is Lindsey and I'm grateful you're here to take a minute to learn about me.

I have a dynamic background and varied passions. Writing has always been my throughline.

1) Holistic brewery sales and management

2) Consumer behavior and visual/retail merchandising

3) Brand management

4) Luxury travel

5) Writing that compels/copy-editing/blogging

6) Social and emotional intelligence

7) Construction

8) Leadership & employee development - guiding others to find fulfillment & a career they love

9) Outdoor recreation - hiking, biking, stand-up paddleboarding

10) Podcast guru

I have 2 primary goals.

1) Copy-editing and writing: Support and guide you through the copy-editing phase of marketing materials for your new business (or revamp of an existing business) or your first book. I'm learning too. 

2) Community: Create a community and safe place to land with everyday challenges. I want to help you grow through vulnerability, remove layers, lean into who you really are, and help you market your unique gifts and products to the world.


I like combining my love for EQ (emotional intelligence) with copy-editing. I have a passion for being a healthy guide to clarity, and building on EQ competencies (self-management, self-awareness, relationship management, relationship/other awareness) so you can reach your full potential. I have found EQ competencies to be the secret sauce for thriving in life and career, and sustaining joy and strong relationships. I want you to have the life you want instead of feeling caged and not living out your full potential. I have done and continue to do this work myself, and I know how hard it is to do alone. Finding a coach and accountability partner supports your unique journey and is pivotal for results.

I originally chose to call this blog (and what is now my personal webpage and portfolio) "Introvert Uncensored" because I am an INFJ aka I am introverted (though I'd say I'm a bit of an ambivert). Throughout my career, relationships, school, and life I've struggled with feeling like a misfit yet I forced myself to "fit in" with the crowd and societal expectations. I also discovered that I was wearing so many protective layers to be someone that I wasn't because I thought the layers were actually skills creating success. Instead, I was hiding (I still play hide and seek sometimes). I have found that many people can identify with this. If you do, let's talk. I would be honored to walk on this journey with you. Together, the possibilities are endless.

Contributing Author for the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence